Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Planets Align

 There are two things that I've spent the most time doing on this earth, Skating and Cycling. There years cycling are not quite as many as the skating but the amount of time I've spent on my bike in the last 10years probably equals it out. Any way I've been thinking posting about how I see and feel that there is an ever growing connection between skating and cycling communities. I see it every weekend at cross races guys and gals who have skated or still do that are completely engulfed in everything cyclocross. Even at a pro level, some of my skate heroes are now riding bikes. My man Ed sent me this video this morning and it pretty much sums it up. Cardiel !! Stranger !! riding the roads of Marin county.  I don't know why but seeing these guys doing what I love to do so much makes me love it even more.  For those of you who don't know the John Cardiel story you should really check him out. If Cardiel wanted to win TdF he would, All Hail Cardiel!!

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